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MEGA project coordinator TUAS


Mari Lahti
Tel: +358 40 355 0159

Mari Lahti
Project Manager

Mari Lahti, PhD, Post-Doctoral researcher in Turku University in Applied Science. She is leading Health promotion research group and is responsible of mental health education, development and research. Lahti is leading MEGA project.

Heikki Ellilä

Heikki Ellilä RN, RMN, MN.Sc, PhD works as a Principal lecturer in nursing master education in TUAS and as a Clinical teacher in Clinic of Psychiatry of Turku University Hospital. In MEGA project he works as a researcher.

Joonas Korhonen

Joonas Korhonen, Registered nurse, Master of Health Sciences, Doctoral Candidate, is working a full-time lecturer in TUAS. Joonas has strong clinical background in mental health care. He's special knowledge and skill are related to nursing education, psychosis care and substance abuse. In the MEGA project Joonas' role is a main investigator.

Anita Narbro
Project Advisor

Anita is IPMA certified project manager with experience working in international projects. In MEGA project her role is to support the project manager with project management tasks. She is assisting in coordination of the project consortium, planning activities of the project, negotiations with financier as well as budgetary issues.

Arina Kiseleva

Arina is a controller of TUAS in MEGA project. Arina's tasks in MEGA include managing project accounting and coordinating reporting tasks. She is also assisting in activity planning and keeps web-pages and MEGA Facebook page up-to-date.