Riga Technical University


MEGA project partner RTU


Karlis Valtins
Tel: +371 670 89 185

Timo Turunen
Project Manager

During the lifespan of the project, Mr. Timo Turunen will be in charge of managerial matters as well as monitor the development phase of the application. Mr. Timo ensures that RTU team will achieve project goals.

Kārlis Valtiņš
Lead analyst

Mr. Valtiņš will be in charge of research and intellectual development of the application. Mr. Valtiņš will make sure that RTU team has efficient research data to develop the application and support the development phase of the project.

Ieva Kudina
ICT expert

Ms. Ieva in charge of technical matters and development of the application. In addition, Ms. Ieva is taking part of analytical matters to ensure the project meets best outcomes. 

Anete Beinarovica
Administrative assistant

Ms. Anete is a leading analyst of the RTU team. Ms. Anete assists RTU team to meet the best outcomes by analysing data, processing MEGA documents and helping to develop the Mobile App.

Vera Lipsta
Administrative assistant

Ms. Vera Lipsta is in charge of administrative matters and assists RTU team in data collection  from other MEGA partners to ensure that mobile application is being developed to suits the specific needs of both South Africa and Zambia.