Lead partner TUAS

1. Form project organization
2. Review the project plan
3. Organize and hold the kick-off meeting

Mapping the landscape,

Lead partner TUAS

1. Make protocol and timetable
2. Prepare the mapping tool
3. Prepare the questionnaires
4. Have the partner meeting
5. Make the collection and analyses
6. Report the mapping

Developing mobile application,

Lead partner RTU

1. Create the functional setting of the mobile version
2. Create the technical setting of the mobile version
3. Launch the mobile application
4. Implement the field trials
5. Have the partner meeting in Riga
6. Have the internal and external seminars
7. Publish the user guide
8. Write the recommendations

Developing continuing professional education using innovation pedagogy of children and adolescents mhGAP part,

Lead partner TUAS

1. Make the protocol and timetable
2. Develop the eLearning materials
3. Develop the innovation pedagogy solutions
4. Organize and hold the partner meeting
5. Publish the handbook

Train the trainers and CPE for primary health care workers,

Lead partner HAW

1. Make the protocol and timetable
2. Pilot the training curriculum
3. Train the HEIs staff
4. Educate primary care workers
5. Organize and hold the educational seminar and partner meeting
6. Make the report of the WP

Implementation and evaluation of mobile application in SADC countries

Lead partner University of Pretoria

1. Research the various government structures in South Africa and Zambia
2. Establish contact with the relevant political and health care authorities at the selected health care district either by email or telephonic contact
3. Arrange meeting the relevant stake holders of the selected health care districts
4. Operationalise the implementation of mobile application in South Africa and Zambia
5. Evaluate the implementation of mobile application in South Africa and Zambia

Monitoring and quality control,

Lead partner HAW

1. Develop a quality and management plan
2. Make the internal evaluation report
3. Publish the external evaluation report


Lead partner University of Zambia

1. Procure marketing and dissemination materials
2. Organize and hold internal dissemination seminars
3. Organize and hold national dissemination seminars
4. Organize and hold final dissemination conference

Project management,

Lead partner TUAS

1. Organize and hold daily and PMT management, have online meetings
2. Organize and hold annual PMT face-to-face meetings
3. Organize and hold administrative partner meetings