The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic

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Just like any global project, Erasmus+ KA2 MEGA was heavily affected by COVID-19 and the travelling restrictions caused by the pandemic. At the beginning of the year, MEGA was approaching the last and most important milestones of the project. Based on the initial project timeline, 2020 was going to be the final year to implement the remaining part of the project activities. Many activities that had already begun suddenly reached a critical stage and, stopping them completely, could cause long-term damage for the overall project. Unfortunately, one of the most critical deliverables – “Field testing of the MEGA app” – was also among the activities whose execution risked being put to a halt completely. Read More

Partner meeting in Cape Town

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The 6th face to face MEGA partner meeting, organised by the team from Stellenbosch University, took place between 25 and 27 September 2019. The meeting was held at the Protea Hotel by Marriott in the Cape Town suburb of Durbanville. Twenty-seven attendees, representing all nine of the partner universities took part. Read More

Meet the team – University of Pretoria

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The University of Pretoria (UP) is a multi-faculty research-intensive university that has remained among the top South African universities in research output and impact. UP is also the top producer of graduates in the country. UP currently has more than 50 000 students and has become one of the leading higher education institutions on the continent. Its nine faculties and business school offer a diverse range of degrees, diplomas and certificates, over 1 000 of which are postgraduate programmes. Read More

Mobile application pilot in the Free State

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South Africans are in dire straits as a vast part of the economy shut down and the country went into lockdown for months. As a result of job losses and businesses closing down, millions of people are going hungry every day. Worldwide, mental illness has been on the rise, and anecdotally, the pandemic is further compounding the situation. Read More

Meet the team – University of Cape Town

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UCT aspires to be a world-class African institution, and in line with that vision our Department endeavours to be a leading Department of academic excellence that produces transformative and integrative teaching, research, healthcare and public service relevant to mental illness and well-being in local, African and global contexts. Read More

Pilot training: University of the Free State

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As the MEGA app is continuing development, the training materials for nurses on mental health and health care are ready for testing and implementation. The pilot test was carried out by the UFS team in actual settings. The training was conducted in a boardroom of the Heidedal Community Health Centre (CHC) at the Pelonomi Hospital in the Free State province. Despite the clinics being busy with their daily work, the training was prioritised, and one nurse and one social worker of the clinic were released for the pilot training for one full day. Read More

Meet the team – Stellenbosch University (SU)

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Stellenbosch University (SU) is home to an academic community of 29 000 students as well as 3 000 permanent staff members on five campuses. The University is amongst South Africa’s leading tertiary institutions based on research output, student pass rates and rated scientists, and is recognised internationally as an academic institution of excellence. Read More