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By November 23, 2018Meet the team

Riga Technical University (RTU) is the largest science-based university in the Baltic States. RTU trademark is high quality internationally competitive engineering education based on more than a century-and-a-half old academic tradition appropriate to meet new technological challenges.

The International Projects Unit (IPU) of the International Cooperation and Foreign Students Department, RTU, is involved in numerous international initiatives, which aim to raise capacity within the field of higher education and promote the exchange of best practices between program and partner countries. MEGA is one of these initiatives and for the purposes of this project the IPU team is responsible for developing a mobile application for primary healthcare specialists in the Republic of South Africa and Zambia.

Mr Timo Turunen heads up the managerial aspects as well as monitoring the development phase of the application. Timo ensures that the RTU team is on track to meet all deliverables.

Mr Kārlis Valtiņš is in charge of research and intellectual development of the application. Kārlis makes sure that RTU team has sufficient research data to develop the application and support the development phase of the project.

Ms Ieva Kudiņa manages technical matters and the development of the application. In addition, Ieva participates in the mobile application content analysis to ensure the project delivers the best outcomes.

Ms Anete Beinaroviča is the leading analyst of the RTU team. Anete assists the RTU team to deliver the required milestones by analyzing data, processing MEGA documents and helping to develop the mobile application.

Ms Vera Lipsta is in charge of administrative matters and assists the RTU team with data collection from other MEGA partners to ensure that mobile application is being developed to suits the specific needs of both South Africa and Zambia.

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